I know what you’re thinking: two posts in one day? This girl’s making us look bad!

However, The Handbook of Language Variation and Change is perpetually sitting by my side; all of it’s 700 foreboding pages.

And I’ve been nominated for another award!

Considering this one is from D. L. Aiden, from A Flock of Crows, whose post was Freshly Pressed and then on the Daily Post, I’m frankly honoured.

Now, I never considered myself to be a sensual blogger. If I were to describe my blogging style, the word sensual would not come to mind. But, rules is rules and awards is awards, and I’m definitely not complaining!

Many thanks to D. L. for the nomination!

The Rules

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must:

  • mention the blogger that nominated them
  • nominate a dozen other bloggers
  • answer seven sensual questions, and
  • use the nominating blog’s url to link from the award logo when pasting.

My Nominations:

I don’t follow that many “sensual” blogs, so this is a short list, and the term “sensual blogging ” must be fitted loosely. They all, however, are worth checking out and definitely deserve the award.

  • Cassie Being Cassie is the blog I initially thought of when I got this award. Her’s is the only truly “sensual” blog I read regularly. She is a pagan, and talks about spirituality, emotions, and much more. She regularly gets nominated for awards, but deserves them all the same!
  • Consciously Anonymous is, as he says, “an open book with a hidden cover”. This blog is a no holes barred view into someone’s soul, while his identity remains unknown. A truly brave author, and some wonderful posts.
  • Crafty and Devious is a blog I only found recently, but it’s worth a follow. Definitely check out her giant post of boyfriend craft. Also, bear in mind I said I was applying the word sensual loosely!
  • Eurolinguiste is a compilation of writing and photos, about language, travelling, blogging, and much more.
  • Marilag’s Journey is a blog I only found today, but have already fallen in love with the beautiful photos and became an avid follower within minutes.
  • Nathan Guitars is a poetry blog. I don’t normally read poetry blogs, because, let’s face it, poetry in blogs is normally awful. Nathan Guitars is the exception that proves the rule. On top of this, he types up his poems on a type writer, and they look stunning! This is my favourite.
  • The Book Tourist is another must-follow for readers looking for their next read or just general reviews.

The Seven Sensual Questions

  1. Most romantic memory: Eh… Pass.
  2. Most sensual music: Big Time Sensuality by Björk seems fitting, doesn’t it?
  3. Most sensual season: Winter. ‘Cause it’s cold and stuff.
  4. Favourite flower: Daffodil
  5. Favourite fruit: Mango
  6. Best gift received: A beautiful wax jewellery tub my uncle got my in Hong Kong when I was a child.
  7. Love is: A cliché

Now that I’ve convinced you all that I’m emotionless, I shall return to my textbook!