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Music travels from vinyl to cd to downloads. Videos that once had to be fast-forwarded through adverts and rewound back to the start can now be on your screen at the push of a button.

Alongside technological advances, there seems to be a strange reminiscence or nostalgia, as if these new advancing technologies are always harking back to their ancestors.

The save button is a floppy disk. Phone cases that look like tape players.

Books started off, not as books but as scrolls. Even the text was different, as it was written by scribes, who only marked where they would pause for breath when it was to be read aloud again. The nature of scrolls meant it often had to be read in one, long go, as if you stopped, you lost your place.

Then we got books, and this changed the way writing and reading influenced us and existed. Especially after the invention of the printing press, books became more accessible.

Now, we have the E-book. Rather than being a step forward, e-books seems to be constantly retrospective, with their have unnecessary features which mimic books. The imaginary pages pretend turn.

It’s unnecessary, but it’s nostalgic. Perhaps we’ve reached a stage where advances are no longer the exciting leaps forward they once were. Perhaps an e-book which is honest about its nature as an e-book, and had no pretences as a paper book, wouldn’t sell as well?

What do you think?