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Sundays are a Day of Rest – by which I mean a Day of talking about the Rest of my life; that is, outside linguistics.

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers, readers, that day of stuffing our faces with pancakes is over. Lent is upon us.

As an atheist, I don’t generally do anything for Lent.

In the past, I’ve endeavoured to give up meat or chocolate, and quickly failed (usually because I’ve forgotten and eaten a sausage roll before remembering).

This year, however, I’ve decided to try something different. Rather than challenging myself in a way which punishes me (I do love chocolate), I’ve decided to do something which makes the world a better place, making me a happier person in the process.

One good deed a day – something big or small, it needn’t be momentous; it could be as small as smiling at someone who looks upset – does this.

So here goes!

It’s not too late to join me! 35 days of good deeds may not be as many as 40 days, but it’s still 35 more than 0.

So far, I’ve:

  • Proof-read a friend’s Honours dissertation for him
  • Given up my seat on a train for a two-hour journey so a woman could sit with her children
  • Bought a Big Issue
  • Donated £5 to a friend’s sponsored run in favour of SAMH (Scottish Association of Mental Health).
  • Taught someone how to knit

I’ll let you know how I got on at Easter!

What are you doing for Lent?