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Sundays are a Day of Rest – by which I mean a Day of talking about the Rest of my life; that is, outside linguistics.

So I haven’t been very good at blogging lately.

I have three deadlines next week, each counting for 25%-30% of their respective grades, each involving lots of reading, and each counting towards my degree.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library.

I always said that I would blog at least once a week, that was my aim, one of my few blogging rules.

I’ve broken that rule recently. A few times.

This is because, now that I have deadlines, blogging makes me feel guilty.

I’m sitting in my flat, knitting, and inspiration strikes. I reach for my laptop, I write the opening paragraph… and then I have to stop.

If I’m writing, why can’t I write my essay?

For that matter, if I’m writing about the English language, which is what I blog about the majority of the time, that’s an even better reason to write my essays instead. My essays are on the same topic! Write them instead!

So I make myself a cup of tea, grab a few custard creams, sit down to write my essay, and bam.

Writer’s block. Or, rather, selective writer’s block.

Maybe it’s because you guys are a better audience than my lecturers.

Or maybe it’s because I don’t have to write here (except by my self-imposed rules). I do it for fun.

Whatever the reason, recently, I can’t write my blog without a little voice in the back of my head saying “Gosh, when are your essays due in, again? How much have you written towards them? How long are they supposed to be?”. And God forbid I should start to proofread a blog post. That comes under the category of something that’s productive, not fun and not essay-related.


Proof reading can be fun…

So I have a dozen draft articles which will never be completed. Which is still more than I have towards one of my essays, and probably a better standard.

It’s not just blogging though. For some reason, my brain makes me feel guilty about anything that’s productive.

At the gym? Why aren’t you at the library?


I needed to let of some steam. Okay? You can’t let off steam at the library.

Replying to an email about next year’ courses? They’re over a year away.

I just received the email and decided to respond straight away. I was about to work on my essay. I was!

I just received the email and decided to respond straight away. I was about to work on my essay. I was!

The only things I can do other than essay writing are: cook, watch (non-educational) television programs, read books (which aren’t on my course reading lists), sleep, and eat. As long as it’s not healthy food.

Also, plan a surprise birthday party for a friend. It’s tonight. I won’t feel guilty while I’m there, because I wouldn’t be working on my essay then. Right?

So, I’m really sorry that my blog hasn’t been updated as regularly as I would normally like, of late.

The sooner my essays are in (ONE WEEK. ONLY A WEEK LEFT), the sooner I can get back to being a semi-normal human being.